December 19, 2023 Fixed issues

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud fixes these issues.

CDPD-48059: Unable to view and access S3 buckets from Hue configured with RAZ in CDW Public Cloud
Earlier, when you configured access to AWS S3 buckets using RAZ in the following regions, you couldn’t access S3 buckets from the Hue File Browser: cn-*, eu-central, ap-northeast-2, ap-south-1, us-east-2, ca-central and eu-west. Due to a bug in AWS Boto SDK, accessing S3 buckets from Hue using RAZ was blocked. This issue has been fixed.
DWX-17111 IMPALA-12486 Missing database and table count metrics in Grafana
Catalog metrics for metadata loading have been added to Impala. Getting the fix requires a new environment activation using 1.8.2-b221 Dec 19, 2023 and Impala Virtual Warehouse with 2023.0.16.2-1 (Dec 19, 2023). If you do not want to reactivate the environment, update the Grafana charts manually as shown below and use an Impala Virtual Warehouse with 2023.0.16.2-1 (Dec 19, 2023):
FROM: app="coordinator"
TO: app="catalogd"
Impala Virtual Warehouse version 2023.0.16.2-1 (Dec 19, 2023) is required to make this manual update.