November 20, 2021

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud introduces these changes.

Supported AWS regions now include EU (Milan)

Previously in a Technical Preview state, support for the EU (Milan) region in AWS is in a GA (general availability) state. For more information, see Supported AWS Regions. To use this feature, create a new environment and activate it in CDW.

SSM and CBO federation

This release adds support for interoperation between the cost-based optimizer (CBO) in Cloudera Data Warehouse and the AWS Systems Manager (SSM) service.

Ability to set idle session timeout for Hue

CDW allows you to configure the idle session timeout value in Hue to automatically log out users from the Hue web interface after a period of inactivity. For more information, see Configuring idle session timeout for Hue.

CDW Impala/Hive cross-region connection

This release adds the capability to create external tables on data in S3 buckets that are hosted in a different region from the one where CDP is running. Requests to these buckets can use a proxy. For example, GDPR dictates that you cannot move data from your EMEA region, but your customers want to query the data from CDP in us-east-1. In compliance with GDPR, you can create an external table based on data in a bucket in an EMEA region when you are running CDP in the us-east-1 region.

Hue usability improvements

As Admin in a Ranger Authorization Service (RAZ) environment, you can set the AWS S3 or ADLS path to a user directory in Hue. As the Hue user, you always land in your directory and do not have to repeatedly change URLs.

Hive backports

This release fixes issues with custom compaction queue settings and vectorized built-in functions having compound expressions in PARTITION BY or ORDER BY clause.