Azure environments overview

Learn about environments on Azure in CDP Public Cloud, including requirements you must meet before activating your environment in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW).

The CDP environment is closely related to the virtual private network in your cloud provider account. Registering an environment with Management Console provides CDP with access to your cloud provider account and identifies resources in your account that CDP services can access, including Cloudera Data Warehouse. A single environment is contained within a single cloud provider region, so all resources deployed by CDP are deployed within that region within one specific virtual network. After you have registered an environment with Management Console, you can activate the environment in CDW. Next, you create Database Catalogs, which enables CDW to access the associated Data Lake. Finally, you can create Virtual Warehouses in CDW that use the Database Catalog and its underlying environment.

Ranger Authorization is not enabled by default in Azure environment. You must enable RAZ as described in the Introduction to RAZ on Azure environments.

The following diagram shows the components of an Azure environment: