Creating the CDP environment

You follows steps to register and activate a new environment to enable RAZ in CDW.

  1. Register an environment with RAZ using the CDP web interface.
    In the web interface, in Fine-grained access control, select Enable Ranger Authorization.
  2. In Cloudera Data Warehouse Overview, locate the RAZ-enabled environment, and click Activate to activate the environment for CDW.
    This action disables the standard default Database Catalog that is automatically created after activation. The UMS machine user is created and attached to the environment when you activate the CDW environment. Later, you see how to add this same UMS machine user to a different UMS group for each tenant.
  3. In Activate Environmnet, select Enable Storage Roles.
    Unchecking Enable Storage Roles disables the metadata proxy associated with managed storage access.
Repeat the following steps for each tenant:
  1. In Azure, manually create a one or more storage locations for the tenant, or use existing storage locations.
  2. In Azure, create a managed identity that has the role Storage Blob Data Owner to access tenant specific container and across all tenants shared, Storage Location Base in the SDX Data Lake.
    For example, create a managed identity named tenant-1 and a container called container-tenant-1.