Data Visualization in Cloudera Data Warehouse

Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) integrates Data Visualization for building graphic representations of data, dashboards, and visual applications based on CDW data, or other data sources you connect to. You, and authorized users, can explore data across the entire CDP data lifecycle using graphics, such as pie charts and histograms. You arrange visuals on a dashboard for collaborative analysis.

You connect Data Visualization to a Virtual Warehouse as described in Starting Data Visualization integrated in CDW. Similar to using a BI client, you can configure and connect to Virtual Warehouses from different clusters. You configure the connection in a familiar way, providing an IP address or host name. Data Visualization is not tied to a particular Virtual Warehouse (VW). You can access data for your visualization from multiple Data Catalogs using multiple Hive or Impala Virtual Warehouses and multiple environments.

Having multiple Data Visualization instances attached to an environment, you can create dashboards for different groups. For example, Marketing and Sales can have their own private dashboards. When you delete a Virtual Warehouse, your visuals remain intact.