June 22, 2022

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud introduces these changes.

Apache Iceberg GA in CDW

Apache Iceberg is now generally available (GA) in key data services on CDP, including Cloudera Data Warehouse. Iceberg integration with Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) enhances the Lakehouse architecture by extending multifunction analytics to petabyte scale for multi-cloud and hybrid use-cases. From Impala, you use Apache Iceberg features in CDW, which include time travel, create table as select, and schema and partition evolution. To access these features, create a new Virtual Warehouse or upgrade an existing one.

Cross account role permissions policy

For security reasons, if you do not want to provide PutRolePolicy permission in your cross account role, which would be used later to add an inline policy to the Node instance role, you can attach a managed policy ARN to a node role. This managed policy provides cross account role permissions. To access this feature, create a new NodeInstanceRole manually, and provide the ARN during activation of the environment from CDW.

Zipping unnest on arrays from Views

As part of this release, you can use zipping unnest functionality on arrays from Views. Before this release, this zipping functionality worked for arrays only in Tables but did not support Views as a source. For more information about using this zipping unnest functionality, see Zipping unnest on arrays from Views.

Updates to the Hive and Impala language reference manuals in Hue

Hive and Impala language reference manuals that are built into the Hue web interface have been updated to include the latest syntax and user-defined functions (UDF). Help on Iceberg concepts and syntax is available for Impala. Improvements have also been made to the query autocomplete predictions and syntax checker to support these changes.