Setting up an Impala Virtual Warehouse

You learn how to set up a Unified Analytics Virtual Warehouse for Business Intelligence (BI), or ad-hoc querying. An Impala Virtual Warehouse can read full ACID tables in the Hive metastore, and can write insert-only ACID tables because you select the Impala engine type.

First you create a VW of SQL engine type Impala, and then you enable Unified Analytics.
  • Required role: DW Admin
  1. Create a Virtual Warehouse as described in Adding a new Virtual Warehouse, selecting the Impala engine type.
  2. Select a database catalog, or accept the default.
  3. Set User Groups that can access endpoints, keys and values for Tagging the Virtual Warehouse.
  4. Select a size for the Virtual Warehouse.
  5. Click Enable Unified Analytics.
    Customize other options as necessary.
  6. Click Create.