October 29, 2021

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud introduces these changes.

Hive compaction observability

An alert notification about compaction status, issues, and suggested actions appear in the overview of your Database Catalog, which leads to an informative message about the issue. The following list describes a few of more than 25 notifications:
  • Oldest initiated compaction passed threshold
  • Large number of compaction failures
  • More than one host is initiating compaction

Create an environment in this release to pick up this feature. For more information about compaction observability, see Compaction Observability.

Choosing a CDW version for a Database Catalog or Virtual Warehouse

When creating a Database Catalog or Virtual Warehouse, you can choose the latest version of CDW or an earlier version. Version mapping lists the CDW versions from 2021.0.0-b33 released on August 9, 2021 to the latest release. You can ensure backward compatibility for your scripts, for example, by running your jobs on the same version of CDW. The ability to choose a version of Database Catalog or Virtual Warehouse is available under entitlement CDW_VERSIONED_DEPLOY. For more information about this capability, see Adding a new Virtual Warehouse.

AWS EKS Kubernetes version upgrade

The CDW application uses Kubernetes (K8S) clusters to deploy and manage Hive and Impala in the cloud. Kubernetes versions are updated every 3 months on average. When the version is updated, minor versions are deprecated. Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is updating to Kubernetes version 1.20 and is ending support for version 1.17.

AWS environments you activate using this release of Cloudera Data Warehouse, and later, will use version 1.20. To avoid compatibility issues between CDW and AWS resources, you must update the version of Kubernetes that supports your existing CDW clusters to version 1.20.

If a MIGRATE icon appears in the upper right corner of the environment tile, your AWS environment has not been migrated from Helm 2 to Helm 3. Update the Helm package manager for your environment before you attempt to upgrade its Kubernetes version.

For information about upgrading the AWS EKS Kubernetes version, see Upgrade CDW for EKS upgrade.

Hue supports Hive Hybrid Procedural SQL in CDW

You can run Hive Hybrid Procedural SQL (HPL/SQL) using the Hue query editor in CDW. For more information, see How to run a stored procedure from Hue in Cloudera Data Warehouse.