Downloading Impala diagnostic bundles from AWS

Learn how to download diagnostic bundles to use for troubleshooting an Impala Virtual Warehouse in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) Public Cloud.

To troubleshoot issues with your Impala Virtual Warehouses, download diagnostic bundles of log files for the sidecar containers that support Impala components and for the components themselves. These diagnostic bundles, in the form of ZIP files, are stored in your public cloud account. Currently, this is only available on AWS environments.

Required role: DWAdmin

Before you can download log files you must run workloads on your Impala Virtual Warehouse.

  1. Log in to the CDP web interface and navigate to the CDW service.
  2. In the CDW service, click Overview in the left navigation panel, and select the Impala Virtual Warehouse for which you want to download a diagnostic bundle.
  3. In the Impala Virtual Warehouse tile, click the more options menu, and select Collect Diagnostic Bundle.
  4. The Diagnostic Bundle Options dialog box launches:

    In this dialog box, you can choose or set the following options:

    • By Time Range: Select a specific time range of log files to generate from the drop-down list, or you can choose a custom interval in the next option.
    • By Custom Time Interval: Select the start and end time from the drop-down list to define the specific time interval for the log files in the diagnostic bundle.
    • Collect For: Remove any of the available categories of log files by clicking the adjacent X:
      • Workload contains the log files for the Impala components, such as statestored, impalad, catalogd, coordinator, auto-scaler, and Hue frontend and backend logs. See Impala Logs.
      • Profile contains log files for Impala Query Profiles. See Understanding Performance Using Query Profiles.
      • Minidump contains the breakpad minidump log files. See Using Breakpad Minidumps for Crash Reporting.
      • Sidecar contains the logs for the sidecar containers that support Impala components.
      • HMS contains sidecar container logs that support the metastore.
  5. After selecting which logs you want to generate for the diagnostic bundle, click Collect to generate the bundle.
  6. After generating the diagnostic bundle, a message appears at the top of the browser window like the following:
    Collection of Diagnostic Bundle for impala-mpvt initiated. Please go to
    details page for more information.

    This message means that your diagnostic bundle generation job was started. Usually, it takes about 10 seconds to finish, and then you can go to the details page for information about downloading the bundle from a location in AWS S3. If you have a large cluster and are collecting logs for a longer period of time, it might take longer to generate the diagnostic bundle.

  7. To navigate to the Virtual Warehouse details page, click Virtual Warehouses in the left navigation menu, and then, in the list of warehouses, select the name of the Virtual Warehouse for which you just generated the diagnostic bundle.
  8. In the details page for that Virtual Warehouse, click the DIAGNOSTIC BUNDLE tab, and then click the copy-to-clipboard icon to copy the S3 bucket path to the diagnostic bundle:

    After you copy the S3 bucket location path to your clipboard, paste it in a text document and use it to navigate to the location in your Amazon S3 management console to download the ZIP file.

When you expand the diagnostic bundle ZIP file that you downloaded from S3, there are four directories that contain log files as described in Step 4. In addition, there is a diagnostic-data-generator.log file, which contains useful information about the diagnostic bundle generation that might be helpful in your troubleshooting.