August 30, 2023 Fixed issues

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud fixes these issues.

DWX-15181 SAML Auth via ODBC/JDBC does not work with active-active coordinator
The JDBC authentication problem that occurred when the Impala coordinator was configured for high availability (HA) has been fixed.
DWX-15576 Impala autoscaler ConfigMap watcher can return 'unexpected type' error
Autoscaler code was treating every watch event in the same way, which caused errors of the 'unexpected type'. This issue has been fixed to handle different event types appropriately.
DWX-15110 Misaligned dialog in the UI
The Create Virtual Warehouse dialog is now aligned when no Virtual Warehouses are running.
DWX-14970 Cosmetic UI problem with Virtual Warehouse start label
The start labels of the Impala Virtual Warehouse and Hive Virtual Warehouse are now consistent with regard to upper- and lower-case.
DWX-14874 An indicator shows that no Virtual Warehouses running
An indicator is displayed when no Virtual Warehouses are running.
DWX-15171 Disabling SSO for Impala VW lands does not cause an error state
DWX-15749 The Restart dbc cli command has been implemented for Azure
DWX-14334 Impala coordinator, catalog, executors, and statestore CPU graphs in Grafana have been fixed
DWX-15362 The latest version of Impala shell 4.3.0a3 can be downloaded from the Impala shell UI link
DWX-15218 Duplicate application configurations have been removed from Impala Virtual Warehouses in Unified Analytics mode
DWX-15219 Filtering of hadoop-core-site configuration files now works