Upgrading PostgreSQL 9.6 before EOL

You need to plan for the end-of-life (EOL) of PostgresSQL 9.6, announced by Amazon. As an AWS environment user, you need to check the version of PostgreSQL you use for Cloudera Data Warehouse environments. If your database version is still PostgreSQL 9.6, you need to upgrade to PostgreSQL 11.12.

AWS has published the an announcement regarding the imminent PostgreSQL upgrade.

You can initiate an upgrade of your database instance — either immediately or during your next maintenance window — to the Cloudera-recommended version of PostgreSQL 11.12 using the AWS Management Console or the AWS Command Line Interface. Follow the procedure below to perform the upgrade.

The upgrade process shuts down the database instance, performs the upgrade, and restarts the database instance. The database instance may be restarted multiple times during the upgrade process. While major version upgrades typically complete within the standard maintenance window, the duration of the upgrade depends on the number of objects within the database. To estimate the time required, take a snapshot of your database and test the upgrade.

  1. Go to the AWS Management Console > Amazon RDS > Databases.
  2. Check the version of PostgreSQL used in your environment, and if it is 9.6.6, go to the next step to start the upgrade process.
  3. In CDP, go to your environment, and in a Database Catalog for that environment, create a Virtual Warehouse or use an existing one.
  4. Run some basic queries in Hive or Impala to see if your PostgreSQL 9.6.6 is alive and well.
    show tables;
    use default;
    show tables;
    create table tbl1(col1 string, col2 string);
    show tables;
    describe tbl1;
    create table tbl2 as (select * from tbl1);
    describe tbl2;
    insert into table tbl1 values ("Hello", "World");
    select * from tbl1;            
  5. Go to the AWS Management Console > Amazon RDS > Databases. Select DB Engine version 10.16 to upgrade Amazon RDS to 10.16.
    Amazon prevents a direct upgrade to 11.x unless you are on PostgreSQL 9.6.20 or higher.
  6. In CDP, rerun the basic queries in your Virtual Warehouse, and if all goes well, proceed to the next step.
  7. Look for errors, such as those shown below, in the metastore log.
    Errors in the metastore might look something like this:
    <14>1 2021-07-31T00:52:38.223Z metastore-0.metastore-service.warehouse-1627669911-vl6x.svc.cluster.local metastore 1 0b245ec4-8419-4968-94bc-ee122960b1aa [mdc@18060
    class="txn.TxnHandler" level="INFO" thread="pool-9-thread-200"] Non-retryable error in enqueueLockWithRetry(LockRequest(component:[LockComponent(type:SHARED_READ, level:
    DB, dbname:default, operationType:NO_TXN, isDynamicPartitionWrite:false)], txnid:79, user:hive, hostname:hiveserver2-0.hiveserver2-service.compute-1627670377-mbqx.svc.
    cluster.local, agentInfo:hive_20210731005238_4aa14bf0-4e46-448d-b6c7-cdc3ca4ec863, zeroWaitReadEnabled:false)) : Batch entry 0 INSERT INTO "HIVE_LOCKS" ( "HL_LOCK_EXT_ID",
    (4561258935320160815, 1, 79, 'default', NULL, NULL, 'w', 'r', 0, 'hive', 'hiveserver2-0.hiveserver2-service.compute-1627670377-mbqx.svc.cluster.local',
    'hive_20210731005238_4aa14bf0-4e46-448d-b6c7-cdc3ca4ec863') was aborted: ERROR: index "hl_txnid_index" has wrong hash version^M  Hint: Please REINDEX it.  Call
    getNextException to see other errors in the batch. (SQLState=XX002, ErrorCode=0)           
  8. Connect to the HiveServer pod or metastore pod, and using psql, connect to the RDS instance.
    For example,
    psql -h env-kg.us-west-2.rds.amazonaws.com --u hive --d postgres
    Login using the hostname from the AWS console. The postgres database password is stored in JCEKS file which is mounted using a secret volume inside the HiveServer pod or metastore pod. Note the namespace of pod and obtain the password.

Validate the upgrade to PostgreSQL 10.16

You need to connect to the postgres 10.16 database, and validate the upgrade.

  1. Connect to the PostgreSQL 10.16 database using the namespace of the pod and the password you obtained in the last procedure.
  2. On the Postgres command line, look at all the databases.
    For example, type \l.
  3. Fix any problematic indexes. Go to a database in your metastore named something like
    For example, go to a database in your metastore named warehouse-1629221321-pf2h-metastore.
    \c warehouse-1629221321-pf2h-metastore                                                  
  4. Run the REINDEX command.
    REINDEX INDEX hl_txnid_index;
  5. In CDP, rerun the basic queries in your Virtual Warehouse, and if all goes well, proceed to the next step.
  6. Upgrade the Amazon RDS version of PostgreSQL to 11.12, and rerun the basic queries.

Upgrade to PostgreSQL 11.12

  1. Go to the AWS Management Console > Amazon RDS > Databases, and upgrade the Amazon RDS version to PostgreSQL 11.12.
  2. Rerun the basic queries in your Virtual Warehouse to validate the upgrade.