Using the K8S dashboard

You see how to view the dashboard and get ideas about the types of K8S metrics, charts, and other visualizations that appear on the dashboard. You might use the dashboard to keep your cluster running efficiently and troubleshoot problems.

  • You have met the prerequisites listed in Monitoring Kubernetes resources.
  • You have activated the K8S dashboard.
  1. Log in to the CDP web interface, navigate to Data Warehouse > Overview, and select your environment.
    Environment Details shows the K8S dashboard is activated.
  2. In Environment Details, click the Open link.
    The K8S dashboard appears.
  3. View the status of your containerized applications.
    For example:
  4. Click All Namespaces and select a specific Namespace.
    The workload status of the namespace, impala-167998, in this example appears.
  5. Kubernetes dashboard features are available and documented on the kubernetes site.
  6. To download logs, click Pods.
    The dashboard of pods appears.
  7. Click Options , and select Logs.
    For example:
    Logs appear.
  8. Click Download logs .