February 29, 2024 Fixed issues

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud fixes these issues.

Hive-27643 CPDP-60943 Data Loss during compaction
Data loss no longer occurs during compaction when Apache Ranger policies for masking or row filtering are enabled and compaction users are included in the policies. Compaction queries are now automatically excluded from ALL ranger policies.
Enabling a private CDW environment in Azure Kubernetes Service is unstable

The networking issue at Azure Software Definition Layer (SDN) has been fixed by Microsoft. The issue affected CDW private environments while using the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in 1.7.1-b755 (released Aug 30, 2023) - 1.8.4-b90 (released Jan 18, 2024). Enabling a private CDW environment in AKS is now available in 1.8.5-b35 (released Feb 29, 2024) on a General Availability (GA) basis. Cloudera now supports deploying a private CDW environment in Azure using AKS.

IMPALA-12681: Some local file descriptors not released when using remote spilling
The issue that occurred during remote spilling when writing spilled data to local buffers has been fixed. The disk space occupied by the file can now be reclaimed.
DWX-17368: Missing Root CA certificates in LdapConfig for ldaps should not result in error
If Root CA certificates are not passed as LdapConfigs, the certificates in the default path are used. In public cloud, DWX needs these certs for tls communication. This issue has been fixed by changing the error condition into informational log when CA certificates are not provided as part of LdapConfigs.
DWX-17157: Enable/Disable SSO doesn't set proper Impala configs
The CDW update logic now updates the SSO config related check to compare the current value of `EnableSSO` with previous value of `EnableSSO`.
DWX-17053: Catalog heap to pod memory configuration
The memory issue causing catalogd problems has been fixed by reserving 33% more memory for the catalogd pod than the maximum heap size for JVM.