Diagnostic bundles for CDW and Kubernetes

A diagnostic bundle captures information for troubleshooting and determining the root cause of problems in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW). Learn about diagnostic bundles for troubleshooting your Virtual Warehouse, Database Catalog, and environment/cluster.

This release supports a diagnostic bundle collection at different categorical levels: Env (environment) DBC (Database Catalog), and VWH (Virtual Warehouse):

  • Environment/cluster including Kubernetes resources
  • DBC: Database Catalog including Kubernetes resources
  • VWH:
    • Hive Virtual Warehouse including Kubernetes resources
    • Impala Virtual Warehouse including Kubernetes resources

The following information, and more, is included about Kubernetes resources:

  • Pod
  • Deployments
  • CustomResource
  • PVCs
  • Statefulsets

At the Database Catalog and Environment level similar resource information and logs about the components are included in the bundle.

If you use Amazon CloudWatch and enable CloudWatch logs when you activate an AWS enviroment, or edit environment details, the following logs are included under their respective log streams and bundled at the ENV level:
  • kube-scheduler
  • kube-controller-manager
  • kube-apiserver
  • authenticator
For more information about enabling CloudWatch logs, see activate an environment from CDW or edit environment details. You must add required permissions to your IAM policy.

The diagnostic bundle includes a history of events at the cluster level. Although Kubernetes only preserves information about events of the past hour, the diagnostic bundle backs up events for the last 30 min or 1, 12, 24 hours, or a custom time interval you can specify.

You can specify a custom time interval for collecting information.