Known Issues in Hive Virtual Warehouses on public clouds

Result caching:
This feature is limited to 10 GB.
Data caching:
This feature is limited to 200 GB per compute node, multiplied by the total number of compute nodes.
DWX-5281: Query fails with "Dag submit failed..." error
Problem: Queries might fail intermittently and return the following error:
Dag submit failed due to Invalid host name: local host is: (unknown);
Workaround: Set the following configuration properties in the Hive Virtual Warehouse details page:
  1. In the Cloudera Data Warehouse UI, click the edit icon on the Hive Virtual Warehouse that is returning the error.
  2. In the Virtual Warehouse details page, select the Hiveserver2 tab in the Configurations panel in the center of the page, and then search for the hive.llap.split.location.provider.class.
  3. Set the parameter to the following value:
  4. Still in the Configurations panel, click the Query coordinator, search for the same configuration parameter (hive.llap.split.location.provider.class), and set it to the same value specified in Step 3.
  5. Click Apply in the upper right corner of the page to save your changes.
DWX-5277: Race condition might occur during auto-scaling that can result in query failures
Problem: This race condition occurs intermittently when queries are submitted rapidly from tools such as jmeter. To mitigate this issue, the default value for the hive.llap.split.location.provider.class has been set to com.github.cloudera.llap.K8sHostAffinitySplitLocationProvider in this release. This configuration change is known to cause up to 10% performance degradation for some Hive workloads.
Workaround: If performance degradation is observed, edit the Hive Virtual Warehouse hive-site setting for the Query coordinator and Hiveserver2, by setting hive.llap.split.location.provider.class=org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.tez.HostAffinitySplitLocationProvider.
DWX-2690: Older versions of Beeline return SSLPeerUnverifiedException when submitting a query

Problem: When submitting queries to Virtual Warehouses that use Hive, older Beeline clients return an SSLPeerUnverifiedException error: Host name ‘’ does not
match the certificate subject provided by the peer (CN=* (state=08S01,code=0)

Workaround: Only use Beeline clients from CDP Runtime version or later.