Granting CDP users and groups access to CDW

You assign the DWAdmin and DWUser roles to users and groups who must use or manage Virtual Warehouses in Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on public cloud environments. These roles are not for accessing Kubernetes endpoints in the cluster.

  1. Log in to the CDP web UI using your corporate credentials or other credentials that your administrator gave to you.
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Environments.
  3. Search for the environment you want to grant access to, and then click the environment name.
  4. In the environment's Clusters page, click the Actions drop-down menu on the right, and select Manage Access.
  5. In the Access page, in the Select group or user text box, type the name of the user or group you want to add, and then click that user or group's name.
  6. In Update Resource Roles for…, select the DWAdmin or DWUser or both roles, and then click Update Roles.
    You should receive a success message.
  7. Click the environment name at the top of the page to navigate back to the Clusters page.
  8. In the Clusters page, click Actions, and select Synchronize Users to FreeIPA.
    Depending on how many users have access to the environment, this synchronization process can take a few seconds or a few minutes.
The users and groups you have granted the DWAdmin or DWUser resource roles to can now use CDW service with the environment.