May 2, 2024

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud introduces these changes.

Upgrade your Virtual Warehouse to get these hotfixes:
  • HIVE-28051 A new housekeeping task is added to clean up local folders on Hive Virtual Warehouse startup and periodically after startup, resolving the issue with disk overflow.

    When a Hive LLAP daemon crashes, it can leave behind unnecessary files in the LLAP local directories. These files have to be cleaned periodically without which Hive queries can fail indicating an invalid disk error exception.

    The following properties are introduced to periodically delete the unnecessary files:

    Specifies the time interval based on which the LocalDirCleaner service in LLAP daemon checks for stale or old files.
    Default value: 2 hours
    Specifies the threshold time for the LocalDirCLeaner service. If a file is older than the threshold time, the file is deleted.
    Default value: 24 hours
  • IMPALA-12827 Fixes event processing errors when write IDs of an AbortTxnEvent are cleaned up by the HMS cleaner housekeeping threads.

  • IMPALA-12831 Fix race condition when a table is being invalidated and updated concurrently.

  • IMPALA-12832 Implicitly invalidates a table instead of resulting in an ERROR state during event processing.

  • IMPALA-12835 Fix event processor, which is not synching file metadata for non-partitioned ACID tables when incremental refresh on transactional tables is turned off.

  • IMPALA-12851 Fix issue of txnId not being added to tableWriteIds mapping in Catalog.

  • IMPALA-12855 Fixes the possibility of encountering a NullPointerException when refreshing a partition that has just been dropped.

  • IMPALA-12356 Fix for incorrect identification on self events.

  • IMPALA-12969 Fix conditional JVM heap leak in array allocation on deserialization failures.