Configuring Iceberg manifest caching in Impala Virtual Warehouse

Apache Iceberg provides a mechanism to cache the contents of Iceberg manifest files in memory. In Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), you can enable or disable Iceberg manifest caching for Impala Coordinators and Catalogd, and set a few other properties, in your Impala Virtual Warehouse.

The manifest caching feature helps to reduce repeated reads of small Iceberg manifest files from remote storage by Impala Coordinators and Catalogd.

The following default properties are set in CDW for manifest caching:;;;; 
The following list describes each property:
  • enable/disable the manifest caching feature.
  • maximum total amount of bytes to cache in the manifest cache. Must be a positive value.
  • maximum duration for which an entry stays in the manifest cache. Must be a non-negative value. Setting zero means cache entries expire only if it gets evicted due to memory pressure from
  • maximum length of a manifest file to be considered for caching in bytes. Manifest files with a length exceeding this property value will not be cached. Must be set with a positive value and lower than

Generally, you set a different value for the expiration interval in catalogd and the coordinator. The expiration time is later in catalogd, for example, 1 week. Catalogd needs caching for a longer period of time because the catalogd service serves table metadata.

Changing configuration parameters in Cloudera Data Warehouse is recommended only when following Cloudera instructions.

Obtain the DWAdmin role.
  1. In CDW, click Overview, and find your Impala Virtual Warehouse.
  2. Click Options > Edit > Configurations > Impala catalogd
  3. Search for the following string:
    The following properties appear:
  4. Change the value of one or more properties, and click Apply Changes.
  5. Click Configurations > Impala coordinator.
    The following properties appear:
  6. Change the value of one or more properties, and click Apply Changes.