Monitoring Kubernetes resources from K8s dashboard

As a Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) administrator, you can monitor Kubernetes resources in your CDW cluster. On the K8S dashboard, you can view the state of the resources, such as CPU and memory usage, see the status of pods, and download logs.

The dashboard can provide insights into the performance and health of a CDW cluster. From the dashboard, if authorized, you can monitor the environments of any CDW cluster efficiently. You do not need to copy/paste kubeconfig files to switch to monitoring another environment, Monitoring the dashboard can help keep your cluster running smoothly and efficiently.

By default, the dashboard is disabled. You follow instructions in the next topic to activate and use the dashboard. Using the dashboard incurs some cloud cost, and is designed to time out automatically after 4 hours to prevent wasting resources. Cloudera recommends deactivating the dashboard when not in use to reduce cloud expenses.


  • You have an AWS or Azure environment in Cloudera Data Warehouse Public Cloud.
  • You have activated your environment.
  • You obtained the CDW Admin role.