Getting started in CDW

In Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), you can deploy and administer cloud data warehousing. You can move workloads to the cloud securely and manage user access to warehouse data, or just parts of the data, through Apache Ranger fine-grained control. You learn how to get started in CDW.

As CDW administrator, you need privileges to access a CDP environment. As a CDW user, you need privileges to access warehouse data. Obtaining required roles is your first priority. With access to an environment, you can create a Database Catalog, and then a Virtual Warehouse. You create a Hive Virtual Warehouse for Hive users, an Impala Virtual Warehouse for Impala users, or a Unified Analytics-enabled Virtual Warehouse. Unified Analytics takes advantage of the latest SQL enhancements that offer equivalent SQL functionality and optimizations for many Hive/Impala operations. You provide users with the URL of your Virtual Warehouse, and they can access the data you authorize using JDBC tools, such as Beeline, or ODBC tools, such as Tableau.