Getting started in CDW

In Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW), you can deploy and administer cloud data warehousing. You can move workloads to the cloud securely and manage user access to warehouse data, or just parts of the data, through Apache Ranger fine-grained control. You learn how to get started in CDW.

As CDW administrator, you need privileges to access a CDP environment. As a CDW user, you need privileges to access warehouse data as described in the subtopics, "Prerequisites" and "Granting CDP users and groups access" below.

To navigate to Overview, log into Cloudera Data Platform, and click Data Warehouse:

If you have permission to access an environment, you can create a Virtual Warehouse:
  • A Hive Virtual Warehouse for Hive users
  • An Impala Virtual Warehouse for Impala users
  • Unified Analytics-enabled Virtual Warehouse.

    Unified Analytics offers Hive/Impala-equivalent SQL syntax for many SQL queries, plus optimizations and enhancements.

You provide users with the URL of your Virtual Warehouse, and they can access the data you authorize using tools you download from Resources and Downloads and provide to them From Resources and Downloads, you can install or download the following software or drivers:
  • DBT Hive and DBT Impala

    Adapters for using dbt with Hive or Impala.


    Install a tool to help you manage your Service Manager-managed cluster instances. The CLI can be used for automating cluster creation and termination.

  • Hive JDBC Jar

    Download the Hive JDBC driver for clients to connect to a Virtual Warehouse.

  • Beeline CLI

    Download the Beeline CLI tarball for clients to install and connect to a Virtual Warehouse.

  • Workload Insights

    Download this software for getting recommendations for creating materialized views.

  • Impala JDBC/ODBC Driver

    Download the Impala JDBC/ODBC driver for clients to connect to a Virtual Warehouse.

  • Unified Analytics JDBC Driver

    Download a JDBC driver for clients to connect to a Unified Analytics Virtual Warehouse.

Exiting CDW

In the left navigation, click .

Select Management Console to leave CDW to manage environments, users, and CDP services, or select a different menu item.