Managing flow definitions in Cloudera DataFlow

In Cloudera DataFlow, your flow definitions are available in the Flow Catalog. You can browse, discover, and manage flow definition versions in the Catalog view. You can also deploy and reuse your flow definitions across multiple environments.

  • Import your NiFi flow into Cloudera DataFlow to make them available as flow definitions in the Flow Catalog.
  • Make sure that you have DFCatalogAdmin permission to perform this task. For information on account and resource roles, see CDF Authorization.
  1. Click Catalog from the left navigation pane.
    The list of flow definitions is available in the Flow Catalog page showing the following details:
    • Name – Name of the flow definition
    • Versions – Number of available versions
    • Last Updated – When the flow definition was last changed

    You can sort flow definitions by Name and Last Updated. Click the column name to sort by ascending or descending order.

    You can use the Items per page option, at the bottom of the screen, to display the desired number of flow definitions in your page view.

    Click the (circle-arrow) icon in the top right corner to refresh the data. By default, every 30 seconds all data for your flow definitions are updated.

  2. Click a flow definition row to expand and view additional information about it.
    The Flow Definition Details pane is displayed showing the following information.
    • Actions – Use this drop-down menu to import a new version or delete a flow definition.
      • Import New Version: Select to upload new versions of an existing flow definition to the Flow Catalog.
      • Delete Flow Definition: Select to remove a flow definition from the flow catalog along with all its versions.
    • Flow description – This field gives you additional information about the flow definition.
    • Only show deployed versions – Select this option if you want to view only the deployed versions of a flow definition.
    • List of flow definition versions
      • Version – This column shows the version number of the flow definition. You can store multiple versions of a flow definition in the Flow Catalog.
      • Deployments – This column shows the number of deployments that belong to a specific version of a flow definition. Click a flow definition version row to deploy a new flow of that version. For more information, see Deploying Flows.
      • Last update – This field provides information about when the flow definition version was last updated and by which user. This section also includes the version comments entered by the user when the flow definition version was imported.
      • Deployments – This field shows you the number of deployments that belong to a flow definition. If you have the DFFlowAdmin role for the environments where the flow definition has been deployed, you can also see the list of the deployments.