Key performance indicators for NiFi flow deployments

Apache NiFi has multiple metrics to monitor the system such as memory usage, CPU usage, data flow statistics, and so on. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are representations of those metrics for a NiFi component in Cloudera DataFlow. You can use KPIs to monitor critical parts of your NiFi deployments on the central monitoring dashboard of Cloudera DataFlow.

For more information on KPIs, see KPI Overview and Using KPIs.

Click the deployment to view the deployment details.

On the KPIs tab of the Deployment Details pane, you can view the deployment information and monitor the KPIs that are defined for your deployment.

You can view the following details in Deployment Information section:
  • Flow Definition
  • Node Count
  • Auto Scaling
  • Last Updated
  • NiFi Version
  • CRN
Depending on the KPIs defined, you can track the following values of the metrics in the deployment:
  • Current
  • Average
  • Boundary