Downloading NARs failed

Learn how to recognize and fix common errors that might occur when you are downloading NAR (NiFi Archive) files.

By default, the NARs required for the execution of the function are downloaded from the Cloudera repository. Depending on where you designed your data flow, specific versions of the NAR files are expected, which may not be available in the Cloudera repository.

It is important to make sure that the referenced components have a version that is available in the repositories. If the component version is not available, you can:

  • override the NEXUS_URL property to use another repository

  • make the NARs available to your function by following the instructions provided in the Custom NARs topic of the relevant cloud provider section in the DataFlow Functions documentation

  • manually edit your flow definition JSON file to update the version of the components to use a version provided by Cloudera before you upload the file in the DataFlow Catalog.