QuickStart VM Administrative Information

In most cases, the QuickStart VM requires no administration beyond managing the installed products and services. If additional administration is required or if problems occur, this topic provides information about accounts as well as possible explanations of and solutions to some common problems.


Once you launch the VM, you are automatically logged in as the cloudera user:

  • username: cloudera
  • password: cloudera

The cloudera account has sudo privileges in the VM. The root account password is cloudera.

The root MySQL password (and the password for other MySQL user accounts) is also cloudera.

Hue and Cloudera Manager use the same credentials.

QuickStart VMware Image

To launch the VMware image, you need either VMware Player for Windows and Linux, or VMware Fusion for Mac.

QuickStart VirtualBox Image

Some users have reported problems running CentOS 6.4 in VirtualBox. If a kernel panic occurs while the VirtualBox VM is starting up, you can try to work around this problem by opening the Settings > System > Motherboard tab, and selecting ICH9 instead of PIIX3 for the chip set. If you have not already done so, you must also enable I/O APIC on the same tab.

QuickStart KVM Image

The KVM image provides a raw disk image that can be used by many hypervisors. Configure machines that use this image with sufficient RAM. See Cloudera QuickStart VM for the VM size requirements.