Cloudera Data Science

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Only Cloudera offers a modern enterprise platform, tools, and expert guidance to help you unlock business value with machine learning and AI. Cloudera's modern platform for machine learning and analytics, optimized for the cloud, lets you build and deploy AI solutions at scale, efficiently and securely, anywhere you want. Cloudera Fast Forward Labs expert guidance helps you realize your AI future—faster!

Use these Cloudera Data Science Guru How-To's to get started building your AI solutions.

Cloudera Data Science POWERED BY…
Cloudera Data Science Workbench (CDSW) Accelerate data science from research to production on a collaborative platform for machine learning and AI. CDSW provides on-demand access to runtimes for R, Python, and Scala, plus high-performance integration with Apache Spark with secure connectivity to CDH. For deep learning and other demanding data science techniques, CDSW supports GPU-accelerated computing, so data scientists can use deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Apache MXNet, Keras. and more.
Apache Spark Provides flexible, in-memory data processing, reliable stream processing, and rich machine learning tooling for Hadoop.
Cloudera Fast Forward Labs Cloudera Fast Forward Labs helps you design and execute your enterprise machine learning strategy, enabling rapid, practical application of emerging machine learning technologies to your business. In addition, Cloudera Professional Services offer proven delivery of scalable, production-grade machine learning systems.