What's New

CDP Private Cloud 1.5.1 includes the following features for Cloudera Machine Learning.

New features

CDSW to CML Migration GA
CML installations on CDSW can now be migrated to CML workspaces.
Backup/Restore on PVC TP
Backup and Restore of workspaces is now available on Private Cloud, for both OCP and ECS clusters. This feature allows taking backups of workspaces and rolling back to earlier versions of a workspace.
Model Registry
The Model Registry stores and manages machine learning models and associated metadata, such as the model's version, dependencies, and performance. The registry enables MLOps and facilitates the development, deployment, and maintenance of machine learning models in a production environment.
Disable Engines
Starting with version 1.5.1, Legacy Engines are disabled by default on the workspace level. On upgraded workspaces, selecting this option disables Legacy Engines and changes all existing project types to ML Runtime.
Migration Preflight checklist
Added the capability to validate the pre-reqs checklist before migration to ensure prerequisites are met before proceeding with migration.
Iceberg v2 Support
Iceberg v2 is now supported in a new Runtime Addon. See the CDE Spark documentation for support details.
Spark 3 pushdown
Spark 3 pushdown to CDP Base functionality is supported.
Ozone addon integration
Ozone object storage is now supported as a backend storage provider.
Free IPA certification
All CML functionality is certified on clusters using Free IPA, for both OCP and ECS clusters.