Known Issues

You might run into some known issues while using Cloudera Machine Learning on Private Cloud.

OPSX-4603: Buildkit in ECS in CML PrivateCloud

Issue: This release introduces BuildKit in ECS for building images of models and experiments. BuildKit is a replacement for Docker, which was previously used to build images of CML's models and experiments in ECS. Buildkit will be only for OS RHEL8.x and CentOS 8.x.

Buildkit in CML Private Cloud 1.5.2 is a Tech Preview feature. Hence, having Docker installed on the nodes/hosts is still mandatory for models and experiments to work smoothly. Upcoming release will be completely eliminating the dependency of Docker on the nodes.

Workaround: None.

DSE-32285: Migration: Migrated models are failing due to image pull errors

Issue: After CDSW to CML migration (on-premises) via full-fledged migration tool, migrated models on CML Private Cloud Workspace fails on initial deployment. This is because the initial model deployment tries to pull images from on-premises's registry.

Workaround: Re-deploy the migrated model. As this involves the build and deploy process, the image will be built, pushed to the CML Private Cloud Workspace's configured registry, and then the same image will be consumed for further usage.

DSE-28768: Spark Pushdown is not working with Scala 2.11 runtime

Issue: Scala and R are not supported for Spark Pushdown.

Workaround: None.

DSE-32304 On CML Private Cloud ECS terminal and ssh connections can terminate

Issue: In Private Cloud ECS, CML Terminal and SSH connections can terminate after an uncertain amount of time, usually after 4-10 minutes. This issue affects customers using local IDEs to work with CML, as well as any customer application using a websocket connection.

Workaround: None.