April 25, 2024

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.45-b54.

New Features / Improvements

  • Model Registry - A model registry can now be upgraded with the Upgrade feature. Learn more: Upgrade model registry
  • AMPs - various infrastructure improvements.
  • API v2 - Modified model creation, build, and deployment endpoints more consistent with API v1, and support for CDV application creation was added.
  • API v2 - Improvements made to List Projects endpoint, and other changes to support file uploads.
  • Models - Model metrics are now supported with models that are deployed from a model registry.
  • Kubernetes - Support for EKS 1.28 and AKS 1.28 was added.
  • Workspace - The Create Workspace flow was improved to add validation of endpoint access and provide diagnostic responses.
  • Azure - New Azure GPU instance types are supported: NC*A100, D16x v5, and D8s v5.
  • AWS - New AWS GPU SKU is supported: p5
  • Azure - The Middle East (Qatar Central) region is now supported.
  • Runtimes - New Runtime Addons are released:
    • HadoopCLI
    • HadoopCLI
    • Spark 2.4.8
    • Spark 3.2.3
    • Spark 3.3.0

Fixed Issues

  • DSE-28892 - Improved readability of Spark3 session startup WARN logs.
  • DSE-35080 - Fixed an issue where Spark 3.2.3 configuration files were empty.
  • DSE-35633 - Fixed an error that occurred when performing Create Project to create an AMP from a zip file.