Upgrade model registry

When you upgrade a model registry, you create a new version of the registry. You can roll back to the old version, or delete the old registry if it is no longer needed.

The Model Registry upgrade process involves provisioning a new cluster, so the process can take some time, on the order of 40 to 60 minutes. The upgrade operation should be performed during a maintenance window, when new models are not being added or updated in CML. The window should be approximately 3 hours long at a minimum.
  1. In Model Registries, choose a registry to upgrade.
  2. Copy the CRN (Creator) shown in the Model Registry.
  3. In the CDP CLI, enter cdp ml upgrade-model-registry —crn <crn>

    In the Model Registries UI, the Status of the model registry changes to Backup Initiated. The process starts provisioning a new registry (Status: Creating) and then performs a backup operation to restore the state.

  4. When the new registry shows Ready, then in Actions, click Synchronize. Check the contents of the new registry to verify that all of the models have transferred.
  5. Finally, after verifying the contents of the new registry, you can delete the old registry (check the Created at timestamp) in the Action menu. This action is irreversible.

To verify the data, go to a workspace. Check that all of the models are there. Deleting the old model registry cannot be reversed.

You should also check the event logs to see if any errors occurred during the upgrade. Can also be used real time to see that the process is running. If there is a need for an escalation ticket, make sure to include the logs.

If you upgrade a model registry, then synchronize, then rollback, any models that were added through synchronizing will not be present. The process doesn’t transfer the data backwards to the old registry.