Exploratory Data Science and Visualization

Exploratory Data Science and Visualization makes it simple for data scientists to get started on a data science project.

When you start a data science project, you are presented with a blank notebook, and no indication of what data sources are available on the CDP platform, or how to access them. The Exploratory Data Science and Visualization feature automatically discovers the data sources available to you, from within the standard CML user interface.

The Exploration Data Science and Visualization experience enables all features for Exploratory Data Analysis. From the Data tab you can:
  • Connect to data sources that are available in your project
  • Explore the data with SQL to understand its basic shape and characteristics
  • Create named datasets that you can reference later
  • Quickly create visualizations of the data to understand its properties
  • Create dashboards that you can share with your team

For more information on what you can do in the Data tab, see the documentation for Cloudera Data Visualization.