April 14, 2020

Release notes and fixed issues

  • Command line arguments - The Create a Job UI now has an Arguments field where you can enter command line arguments for the executed script. This feature is available for R and Python scripts.
  • User information required - Administrators can now require users to enter information when starting sessions, for audit purposes.
  • UI update - In Site Administration, the Activity tab is now renamed to Usage.
  • Accessibility - Improvements for W3C WCAG 2-AA Compliance.
  • Grafana dashboards - A Grafana dashboard is available in Models.
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) - CORS is now disabled by default. Enable CORS if you have web applications on different domains that need cross-domain communication with the Cloudera Machine Learning API.

Fixed Issues

  • DSE-9063 - Fixed an issue where a custom quota takes effect even if the quota feature is turned off.
  • DSE-9469 - Fixed an issue where email attachments greater than 4 MB caused problems.
  • DSE-6375 - Fixed an issue where creating a private project from a Git repo fails, even with an authorized team SSH key.
  • DSE-9041 - Improved the SMTP settings for test email.
  • DSE-9694 - Fixed an issue where the order of columns in the Workspace instances table was inconsistent.
  • DSE-8601 - The kernel argument launch_workers should default to kernel of current session.
  • DSE-9810 - Fixed an issue where users could not download files that have non-ASCII characters in the file name.