September 23, 2019

Release notes and fixed issues

  • Single Sign-on (SSO) Changes - You no longer need to create separate authorization groups to grant users SSO access to workspaces. Authorization groups are now managed per-environment using the MLAdmin and MLUser resource roles.
  • Resource Tags - You can now add resource tags to all the cloud infrastructure, compute, and storage resources used by an ML workspace you provision.
  • Remove Workspaces - New options added that allow you to retain project storage (in EFS) and force delete workspaces from CDP.
  • View Workspace Details - Each workspace now has an associated details page where you can access links to the workspace itself, the environment where the workspace was created, and the underlying Kubernetes cluster (links to cloud service provider). A link to this page is available under the Actions menu.
  • Search and Filter workspaces - New filter that allows you to display workspaces in a specific environment. You can also search for a workspace by name.