What's New

Major features and updates for the Cloudera Machine Learning data service.

November 15, 2023

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.41-b236.

Fixed Issues

  • DSE-32250 - Spark Executors now report the correct create time and resource usage in the Site Administration > Usage > Export Usage List. Note that previously incorrect entries for Spark executors are reset to 0.
  • DSE-32222 - On AWS, upgrading an NTP-enabled workspace to Kubernetes 1.25 AWS now incorporates various internal improvments.

October 19, 2023

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.41-b225.

New Features / Improvements

  • Model Registry - Model Registry is now GA. Model Registry is the core enabler for MLOps, or DevOps for machine learning. For more information, see Using Model Registry.
  • Experiments - Experiments v2 is now GA. The Experiments feature now integrates with MLflow for managing the model lifecycle. For more information, see Experiments.
  • Service Accounts - Service Accounts, which allow automated processes to run with their own user account, is now GA. For more information, see Service Accounts.
  • Usage log tracking - Usage log records all workloads: sessions, jobs, models, applications and distributed compute, enabling administrators to export and analyze workload statistics on-demand.
  • Kubernetes - Kubernetes 1.25 is now supported for EKS.
  • Azure - New Azure instance types are supported: D4asv4, D16asv5 and D8asv5.
  • Azure - On new installations, the nfs-csi-driver is now enabled.
  • Azure - Cross-environment backup and restore of workspaces is now supported.
  • Applications - Users can now see pod logs for applications. In Application Details, go to the Container Logs tab, and the pod logs are shown. Application and pod logs can be downloaded from the respective pages.
  • Runtime Addons - CML now includes HadoopCLI Runtime Addon 7.2.15, and HadoopCLI 7.2.14 Runtime Addon is removed.

Fixed Issues

  • DSE-30784 - Added more logging and event logging in Resume Workflow
  • DSE-20734 - Fixed an issue where a machine user was shown as Unknown in events and log pages.
  • DSE-30229 - Fixed an issue that caused CML upgrades to fail on AWS.
  • DSE-29365 - Fixed an issue where the YQ version checker script was not working for latest versions of yq in the CML application.
  • DSE-28187 - Fixed an issue so that Retry Workspace Installation is disabled if Liftie Provisioning fails.
  • DSE-27000 - Upgraded cdp-js to version 4.2.5 in the CML application.
  • DSE-26069 - Fixed an issue so that deleted and failed Spark addons do not appear as selectable addons in the New or Modify Workload pages.
  • DSE-26966 - Added Datalake preflight checks to the upgrade API.

August 31, 2023

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.40-b157.

Fixed Issues

  • AWS : Non-Transparent Proxy Support

    Fixed issues with supporting non-transparent proxy related to web pod connectivity to control plane, image-puller, pod to pod connectivity and api pods missing configuration.

  • Upgrades
    • Fixed an issue where workspace upgrade fails due to not deleting orphan pods.
    • Fixed an issue where workspace upgrade fails due to incorrect error handling.
  • Fixed an issue where the Team Sync tab was disabled.
  • Azure
    • Added a preflight check when creating NTP clusters: Azure does not support NTP.
    • The NCv2 series is no longer supported due to its upcoming end of support on September 6, 2023. See TSB-692 for details. The default GPU for creating Azure workspaces will now be the Standard_NC6s_v3. This new GPU offers nearly identical configurations to the previous default GPU. If you are currently using NCv2 series GPUs, it is recommended to make the necessary adjustments before the end of support date.