What's New

Major features and updates for the Cloudera Machine Learning data service.

May 15, 2024

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.45-b76.

New Features / Improvements

  • Cloudera AI Inference Service (Technical Preview): AI Inference service is a production-grade serving environment for traditional, generative AI, and LLM models. It is designed to handle the challenges of production deployments, such as high availability, fault tolerance, and scalability. The service is now available for users to carry out inference on the following three categories of models:
    • TRT-LLMs: LLMs that are optimized to TRT engine and available in NVIDIA GPU Cloud catalog, also known as NGC catalog.
    • LLMs available through Hugging Face Hub.
    • Traditional machine learning models like classification, regression, and so on.

    Models need to be imported to the model registry to be served using the Cloudera AI Inference Service.

    For more information, see Cloudera AI Inference Service.

  • Model Registry API (Technical Preview): New API is available from the Model Registry service to import, get, update and delete models without relying on the CML Workspace service.

    For more information, see Using Model Registry Standalone API .

  • Ephemeral storage limit: The default ephemeral storage limit for CML Projects has been increased from 10 GB to 30 GB.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an error that occurs while sorting public projects on the Jobs column.
  • Fixed a bug that was uploading files to the root directory of a project instead to the specified subfolder.

April 25, 2024

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.45-b54.

New Features / Improvements

  • Model Registry - A model registry can now be upgraded with the Upgrade feature. Learn more: Upgrade model registry
  • AMPs - various infrastructure improvements.
  • API v2 - Modified model creation, build, and deployment endpoints more consistent with API v1, and support for CDV application creation was added.
  • API v2 - Improvements made to List Projects endpoint, and other changes to support file uploads.
  • Models - Model metrics are now supported with models that are deployed from a model registry.
  • Kubernetes - Support for EKS 1.28 and AKS 1.28 was added.
  • Workspace - The Create Workspace flow was improved to add validation of endpoint access and provide diagnostic responses.
  • Azure - New Azure GPU instance types are supported: NC*A100, D16x v5, and D8s v5.
  • AWS - New AWS GPU SKU is supported: p5
  • Azure - The Middle East (Qatar Central) region is now supported.
  • Runtimes - New Runtime Addons are released:
    • HadoopCLI
    • HadoopCLI
    • Spark 2.4.8
    • Spark 3.2.3
    • Spark 3.3.0

Fixed Issues

  • DSE-28892 - Improved readability of Spark3 session startup WARN logs.
  • DSE-35080 - Fixed an issue where Spark 3.2.3 configuration files were empty.
  • DSE-35633 - Fixed an error that occurred when performing Create Project to create an AMP from a zip file.

February 20, 2024

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.43-b229.

Fixed Issues

  • DSE-33078 - Upgraded Go version to address CVE-2023-45285 and CVE-2023-39325.
  • DSE-34663, DSE-34635 - Upgraded Grafana version and kube-state-metrics:v1.9.3 image to address critical CVEs.
  • DSE-32001 - Upgraded thunderhead components (tgtgenerator, tgtloader and configtemplate) to include CVE fixes that were carried out in thunderhead.
  • DSE-34595 - Upgraded zookeeper version to address CVE-2023-44981.