April 21, 2022

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.29.

New Features / Improvements

  • ML Discovery and Exploration, SQL and Visualization (Preview) - This feature enables Data Scientists to understand their data using a SQL editor and drag-and-drop Visual Dashboards within CML. Users can start with their pre-configured Data Connections and create Datasets that they can rely on for model development. For more information, see ML Discovery and Exploration.
  • Model metrics visualization - This feature allows Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers to monitor technical metrics relating to their running models, such as resource consumption and request throughput, within Cloudera Machine Learning.

Control Plane Application

  • Azure Files - Support for Azure Files NFS - TP
  • Public Load Balancer - This feature allows MLAdmins to configure a Public Load Balancer for a CML workspace but with fully private (Private EKS API Server endpoint) EKS deployment (AWS only).

Fixed Issues

  • Pagination widget (DSE-19937) - Fixed an issue where the pagination widget on the Session list page may not function as expected.
  • Notification emails (DSE-20085) - Fixed a bug where Job report recipients who subscribed to notification emails when their jobs terminated, may receive notification emails for termination statuses that they did not subscribe to.
  • Project list page (DSE-1975) - Fixed a bug where projects may not be sorted correctly on the project list page when users use the Created By field for sorting.