January 23, 2024

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.43-b208.

New Features / Improvements

  • Cloudera Data Warehouse - Automatic JWT-based authentication enables passwordless connectivity to CDW. Users do not need to use their workload password to query data from CML. This feature depends on Data Lake 7.2.18, please upgrade your environment when the new version is available.
  • Redesigned AMP Catalog - The AMPs pane is redesigned to improve navigation and search capabilities.
  • HuggingFace Spaces - A curated list of HuggingFace Spaces is available in the AMPs Catalog.
  • Community AMPs - A selected list of community-created AMPs is available to run in CML in the AMPs pane.
  • Azure - Support for new GPU instances: NVadsA10 v5-series (non-fractional)
  • Azure - Certificate based authentication using Managed Identity to provision in AKS.
  • AWS - Support for new GPU instances: g5
  • AWS - Deprecated support for P2 instance types.
  • AWS - Added support for CML workspaces in af-south-1, Africa (Cape Town) region.
  • Kubernetes - Kubernetes version 1.27 is supported on both Azure and AWS.
  • Restore workflow - Improved reliability of the workspace restore workflow.
  • Private DNS Zone - CML now certified to work with private DNS zones.
  • Project Migration tool - A command line argument is added to check if source and destination files are the same, covering job, app, model, project data and metadata files.
  • Runtimes - The R version of cmladdon is upgraded to version 4.3.1.
  • Runtimes - The HadoopCLI Runtime Addon is released for the Public Cloud.
  • Runtimes - ML Users can now register custom ML Runtimes.
    A new site-level configuration option has been introduced on the Site Administration page to enhance runtime registration capabilities:
    • Admins can enable a configuration option, granting users the capability to register runtimes.
    • The new option is disabled by default, ensuring that existing permissions remain unchanged.
    • With this update, we've implemented a mechanism to record the names of the users who register ML Runtimes, displayed on the Runtime Catalog Page.
    • Users now can add runtimes however, it's important to note that they are not permitted to deprecate/disable the added runtimes.
  • Runtimes - We have introduced a new button in the Site Administration > Runtime tab, where users are now able to update the Runtimes catalog at any time based on runtime repos.
  • Runtimes - On the Project creation page:
    • Renamed the Runtime setup section to Runtime.
    • Updated the UI for Basic/Advanced option selection.
    • Modified basic configuration settings.
    • Added GPU-enabled runtime variant by default.
  • Security - When adding project collaborators or team members, non-admins can be prevented from seeing the entire user list. This functionality can be restricted to Site Admins in Site Administration > Security by selecting Allow all authenticated users to access /api/v1/users endpoint.
  • Teams - The ownership structure for team creation is changed. Previously, the creator of a team was assigned the role of Owner. Now, the creator is assigned the role of Admin by default. Admins have the authority to add team members, including other admins. Each team must have at least one admin to manage the team.

Fixed Issues

  • DSE-33545 - Fixed an issue where workspace shows as Ready even if workspace URL is returning 404.
  • DSE-24423 - In Network Settings of a Workspace, removing last remaining allowed source IP range for Load Balancer throws error
  • DSE-27910 - Fixed an issue where evicted pods caused CML backup to fail.
  • DSE-23954 - Fixed a problem where load balancer subnet preflight validation is skipped if no load balancer is specified during workspace creation.
  • DSE-23953 - Fixed a problem where worker subnet validation is skipped if no load balancer is specified during workspace creation.