June 9, 2020

Release notes and fixed issues

New features

  • Production ML - Production ML functionality is available to all accounts by default.
  • Firefox support - CML now supports Firefox on newly provisioned CML workspaces.
  • Monitoring - Grafana dashboard now shows the user ID to help administrators monitor usage and resources.
  • Session UI - Added a new pop-up window to the session start UI.

Fixed issues

  • DSE-10985 - Fixed a bug where non-admin users were not able to start or list experiments.
  • DSE-10893 - Fixed a bug where upgrading a monitoring-enabled CML workspace may flush the imported Grafana dashboards.
  • DSE-10671 - Fixed a link on the Team page to go to Team settings.
  • DSE-10618 - Fixed a bug where Engine Profile is not displayed on the Jobs page.
  • DSE-10407 - Fixed a bug where selecting the Python2 kernel causes problems when creating an experiment or job.
  • DSE-10405 - Fixed a bug where forking a CML project caused the project to be copied repeatedly until interrupted.
  • DSE-10185 - Fixed a bug where CML Applications can get stuck in the “Starting” state due to user-specified subdomains that are not handled by CML correctly.
  • DSE-10054 - (SAML 2.0 SSO) Fixed a bug to prevent arbitrary redirection of browsers for SSO to third-party applications.