July 25, 2023

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.40.

New Features / Improvements

  • CML Home - A new landing experience that helps you to jump to your most recent Projects, walks you through the key capabilities of the platform and keeps you up-to-date with the latest developments.
  • 3rd-party editor support - The PBJ architecture adds support for 3rd party editors, enabling building custom ML Runtimes from scratch with JupyterLab, RStudio, and other editors of your choice.
  • Models - Models can now be deployed from the model registry to CML workspaces using API v2.
  • Kubernetes - Kubernetes 1.26 support is available for Azure.
  • Model Registry (Preview) - Model Registries can now be deployed on an Azure private cluster.
  • CML Scalability - CML Control Plane flows have been verified for 100-node clusters and high volume workloads are now enabled by default.
  • Project Migration - Support for project export and import from CDSW to CML public or private cloud environments, or for migration between development and production environments.
  • Retry Install Workspace - Workflow-based support for retry of CML workspace creation, in the event workspace installation fails.
  • Preflight Checks for Instance Groups - Pre-flight checks are run when an instance group is being modified to ensure the requested configuration is valid."
  • Preflight Checks for Update Workspace - Pre-flight checks are run when a workspace update is being requested to ensure the requested change is valid.
  • SDX - SDX 7.2.17 has been integrated and verified with CML.
  • Runtimes - On the New Project page, CML code now defaults to the Python 3.9 ML Runtime Edition.
  • HadoopCLI - The DL versions of HadoopCLI 7.2.8, 7.2.10 and 7.2.11 Runtime-Addon versions on Public Cloud reached End of Support and have been removed.
  • Job notifications - All email-related control will be hidden by job creation or job settings if the SMTP host is not configured. If email recipients have been added previously to the job but the SMTP host is not configured, the Job Notifications section will be displayed as a warning message, informing the user of the problem.
  • Project - Site administrators can now restrict project creation for users and/or teams.
  • Environment variables - Users can now hide the values of sensitive environment variables on the Account/Project/Workload/Workspace level.

Fixed Issues

  • Upgrade workspace (DSE-28827) - Fixed an issue where after upgrading a workspace, the workspace (such as instance type and autoscale range) could not be modified.
  • Pod (DSE-28771) - Fixed an issue where the health-poller pod was crashlooping due to a missing UMS_HOST environment variable.
  • Workspaces (DSE-28595) - Fixed an issue where workspaces with static subdomains would not register freeIPA DNS entries were not added correctly, for both created and restored workspaces.
  • Installation (DSE-28160) - Fixed an issue where an installation is not marked ‘Fail’ when it has timed out for 3 hours. This happened on Azure private cluster (UDR) installations.
  • Installation (DSE-28047) - Fixed an issue where when a failed installation on Azure is retried, pre-install validations are not performed again, which can lead the installation to eventually time out.
  • Environmental variables (DSE-28005) - Fixed an issue where environment variables were not visible or modifiable on an application’s settings page.
  • CML Service Link (DSE-28072) - This change enables users to use the CML Service Link on the project session pages started either with Workbench or with the remote editor.
  • Workspace details (DSE-27891) - Fixed an issue where Workspace Details shows some incorrect information (Creator, User, Workspace tags) when the workspace is created via a machine user.
  • Project (DSE- 27516) - Fixed an issue where project creation in a workspace on Azure was failing due to an NFS error.
  • Retry Install Workspace (DSE-26944) - Improved the language in the Retry Install Workspace modal.
  • Preflight (DSE-26752) - Improved the instance preflight failure message to mention that validation is not skippable.
  • Spark addons (DSE-26269) - Fixed an issue where deleted and failed Spark Addons appeared on New/Modify Workload pages as selectable Addon.
  • CDP CML (DSE-26012) - Prefix and update all workload usage events with CDPCML.
  • CML consumption (DSE-25951) - Made improvements to issues that caused discrepancies in measurement of CML consumption.
  • Status icon on Runtime Catalog Page (DSE-24589) - This change enables users to find out if there is at least one runtime among the runtime variants with the enabled status.
  • PBJ Workbench (DSE-21770) - In PBJ Workbench Sessions, history navigation (with UP key) is working now, and users are able to navigate to previously executed commands with this key.
  • GPU (DSE-29159) - Fixed an issue where P4d.24xlarge GPU is displayed as a CPU, not GPU.