December 13, 2021

Release notes and fixed issues.

New Features / Improvements

  • What's New - CML Users can now discover and read about new features, blog posts, FFL research reports from within CML without leaving the product.
  • Non-Transparent Proxy (Preview) - Non-transparent proxy support is now available for AWS.
  • API v2 - API v2 now supports Spark 2 and 3 via ML Runtime Addons.
  • Spark - Spark Dynamic Allocation Lite is now supported in CML.
  • Projects - Job lineage/dependencies are now maintained when forking a project.
  • User Management - CML Admins can now create CML Teams that have their membership synchronized with CDP Groups.
  • User Management - Users who no longer have access to a Workspace are deactivated within CML after a user sync.
  • Unified Diagnostics - Unified diagnostics are now integrated in CML support bundles.

Fixed issues

  • Username display - Fixed an issue where the user’s full name was left blank if it was not available from the identity provider. Now, if it is not available, the username is displayed next to the avatar.
  • Terminal access button spins forever (DSE-18456) - Fixed an issue where the terminal access button on an Azure cluster failed to become ready.