August 04, 2020

Release notes and fixed issues

New features

  • Session Start UX - Sessions start page is now displayed with a fresh design.
  • Engine Schedule - Improve the page loading performance for the “Lag” view of the Site Administration Activity tab.
  • Subnet Selection - Subnets (one per workspace on Azure, multiple subnets per workspace on Amazon) can now be, optionally, manually selected when creating a new workspace.
  • Model Metrics Development Workflow - You can develop and test model functions that track model metrics in a workbench session without actually deploying the model. This method makes it easy for you to develop and test code that tracks metrics and the code which consumes the tracked metrics without having to rebuild and redeploy a model to test every change.
  • Default Model API Key Expiration - Administrators can now set a default expiration for Model API keys. If the user sets a longer expiration date, an error is returned. The default expiration duration is set at Admin > Security > Default Model API keys expiration in days.

Fixed issues

  • DSE-11770 - Fixed an issue where the SHM size configuration was not applied for sessions started via cdswctl.
  • DSE-11436 - Fixed an issue where SSH connections to CML terminal via the cdswctl ssh-endpoint command may time out after a few minutes.
  • DSE-11321 - Fixed an issue where uploading files that have Chinese characters in the file names may fail.
  • DSE-11089 - Fixed an issue where accessing Applications in the browser directly results in a 401 error and a blank page. Now users are redirected to a login page, and then directed back to the Application after successful authentication.
  • DSE-10977 - Fixed an issue where the Remote Editing link on the Teams page may display a 500 error.
  • DSE-10784 - Fixed an issue where Applications hosted on CML may be stopped after 7 days.
  • DSE-10616 - Fixed an issue where the Jobs dependency pipeline only shows the first job.
  • DSE-10031 - Fixed an issue where Windows line endings were converted automatically to Linux line endings in the Workbench. This behavior is now configurable.
  • DSE-9986 - Fixed an issue so that users cannot create public projects via API when public project creation is restricted.
  • DSE-8698 - Fixed redirections for CDSW links when TLS is enabled.
  • DSE-6068 - Fixed an issue where sessions, jobs. experiments, and models may fail to be created if the engine tag includes an underscore character.