Sync machine users from the Synced team

You can sync machine users that are part of a synced team to your project.

  1. In Management Console > User Management > Groups, click Create Group.
  2. Enter the name for the group, and click Create.
  3. Click Add Members to search for and add group members, including machine users.
  4. To add the team (group) to your environment, go to Environments > Actions > Manage Access.
  5. Click Update Role to update the role as follows, and click Update Roles.
    • Environment User: Only users who have read access to the environment are synced. Alternatively, you can assign the Environment User role to the machine user.
    • MLAdmin or MLUser role: only users with either role are synced to CML workspaces.
  6. Click Synchronize Users and wait for synchronization to complete. Then return to your CML workspace.
  7. In Site Administration > Teams, select Sync Teams and then choose the group to sync.
  8. Click Create Team, and the team is created in CML.
To add members to a synced team, add them in the control plane and sync them to CML via the Site Administration > Teams > Sync Teams option. You cannot add users to a group manually in CML.