November 1, 2019

Release notes and fixed issues

  • Analytical Applications - CML now gives data scientists a way to create long-running standalone ML web applications/dashboards that can easily be shared with other business stakeholders.
  • Quotas - CML workspace site administrators can now enable CPU, GPU, and memory usage quotas per user. Quotas must be enabled separately for each workspace.

    Note: The Quotas feature is in Technical Preview.

  • Diagnostic Bundles - CML now allows site administrators to download diagnostic bundles from the Site Admin panel.
  • UI Improvements and Changes
    • You can now display the Details page by clicking on the Workspace Name in the ML Workspaces page.
    • The ML Workspace Details page now contains a Events tab.

      The Events tab displays high-level events for your workspace. You can click View Logs to display additional log information about the action.

    • The ML Workspace Details page now displays AWS workspace tags.
      The tag information displays both default tags and any tags you have specified. You can specify these workspace tags in the provision workspace page, under the Advanced options. The default workspace tags include:
      • Creator
      • Environment
      • Owner
      • WorkspaceName