June 30, 2020

Release notes and fixed issues

New features

  • CML Test Drive - CML now includes guided interactive modules for setting up workspaces, running data science workflows, and getting models to production. These workflows are designed with real-world business use case prototypes.
  • Base Engine v12 - The default base engine is now version 12 (12-cml-2020.06-2).

    Key changes:

    • Python 3.6.10 (was 3.6.9)
    • R 3.6.3 (was 3.6.2)
    • CDPD 7.1.0 parts (Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Avro, Parquet)
    • Some bundled Python and R data science library upgrades (see Pre-installed Packages in Engines).

    Bug fixes and improvements:

    • DSE-10250 - Fixed a bug that could cause an job or experiment to exit with status 7 if used to run a very short script.
    • DSE-9872 - Fixed a bug that prevented users from using the `locate` command.
    • DSE-8601 - The Python launch_workers command now defaults the kernel argument match the kernel of the current session (previously it used "python3" in Python 2 sessions).
    • Reduced the engine image size by approximately 400 MB

Fixed issues

  • DSE-11395 - Shared memory size configuration is now applied to sessions, jobs, and experiments.
  • DSE-11433 - Fixed an issue where files opened in the Workbench editor are deselected when a new session starts.
  • DSE-11421 - Fixed an issue where ML workspace provisioning can fail when a GPU instance that is not available in the AWS region is selected.