October 29, 2020

Release notes and fixed issues.

New features

  • Scaling workers on AWS - On AWS, the number of worker nodes can now be scaled to zero when the workspace is idle.
  • Kubernetes - Access to the Kubernetes API server of the ML workspaces can now be restricted to certain authorized IP ranges.
  • ADLS Gen2 - Access to ADLS-Gen2 from CML can now be managed with Ranger policies.
  • Subnets - Subnets used for ML workspaces can now be reviewed in the Workspace Details page.
  • ML workspace upgrade - You can now retry ML workspace upgrade if the previous attempt fails.
  • Deprecated Kubernetes versions - ML workspaces with deprecated Kubernetes versions will now be highlighted on the CDP control plane. It is recommended to upgrade your ML workspaces with the deprecated Kubernetes versions at the earliest opportunity.
  • Enable Unauthenticated Access To Applications - Users can now create Analytical Applications in CML that can be accessed by unauthenticated users. This functionality can also be wholly disabled for an ML workspace by an administrator.
  • Applications header - CML now supports authentication using REMOTE_USER HTTP header for the Applications created on CML.
  • Audited events - Quota changes and “Download All” files are now audited in the user_events table.
  • Sessions page redesign - The Sessions page has been improved, making it easier to take actions such as filtering down to running sessions and performing bulk deletion of old sessions.

Fixed issues

  • DSE-12164 - Fixed a bug where applications may not use the engine image configured with the project upon restart.
  • DSE-12033 - Fixed an issue where the Engine profile on the Job Overview page did not update when the profile was changed on the Job Settings page.
  • DSE-12026 - Grafana deployments now include 8536 in the supplemental groups list.
  • DSE-11988 - Fixed a UI issue when creating a new session, where the user had to delete Untitled Session before typing in the session name.
  • DSE-11945 - Fixed an issue where a poor network connection could cause an “Engine Exited” error message.
  • DSE-11911 - Fixed an issue where updating the Project name caused navigation to other tabs to fail.
  • DSE-11891 - Fixed an issue where attempting to open a file with Chinese characters in the name fails.
  • DSE-10408 - Fixed an issue where quota checks may cause sessions or jobs to fail.