Managing default and backup data connections

As a data scientist, you may want to set default and backup data connections (virtual warehouses). This makes it easy to manage the case where the default data source (virtual warehouse or data lake) becomes unavailable, for example.

You need Admin privileges to perform this task. Here, the data connection names of default and backup are used as examples.

  1. In Site Administration > Data connections, click Edit to change the name of the default data connection to default.
  2. Change another connection to backup.
  3. In Project Settings, click Sync with Workspace to update the names of the data connections. If two different data connections have the same name, an error occurs during synchronization.
  4. If the default data connection becomes unavailable, the Workspace Administrator can go to the Data Connections tab, and rename the connections.
    For example, after changing default to unavailable, change backup to default. Projects that use library code for their connection to the default data connection will continue to operate, because it is now using the new default connection. Note: you need to click Sync with Workspace at the project level to get the updated connections.