February 3, 2021

Release notes and fixed issues

February 3, 2021

New features

  • Applied ML Prototypes - Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs) are now generally available inside the product, which provide end-to-end prototypes to help kickstart real customer use cases. AMPs effectively package pre-built models for data scientists to tailor for their own needs, as well as enable data scientists to learn how the different parts of CML work together.
  • Kubernetes Support - CML AWS now supports K8s 1.18, keeping up with updated EKS support.
  • NFS version picker - In Provision Workspace, the NFS version field was changed to a pick list with the default version set to 3. Make sure that this is the correct version to use, otherwise the workspace installation will fail.

Fixed issues

  • DSE-13866 - Export Session List includes duration information.
  • DSE-13254 - Python 2 kernel is enabled or disabled on Job Update and Create/Update Application pages based on Admin setting.
  • DSE-14251 - Fixed an issue where a workspace could not be upgraded if its configuration was modified.
  • DSE-13928 - Fixed an issue where revoking a user’s access to an Application may not take effect immediately.
  • DSE-14170 - Fixed an issue where TLS certificate renewal may not succeed for ML workspaces that have been upgraded.