Top Tasks for Cloudera Machine Learning

There are some questions we often hear from customers as they get started on using CML in their work. We have listed several below, with links to the specific guidance you need, to give you a quick boost.

How do I bring CDP data into CML using data connections?
CML offers a variety of ways to connect to data in a CDP environment, such as connecting to Hive, Impala, or Spark data sources, or to a CDP Data Hub. These are detailed in Exploratory Data Science and Visualization.
How do I deploy a web-based application with CML?
CML makes it easy to create web-based applications, such as dashboards, to display the results of your data science work to business users or other consumers. This is explained in Analytical Applications.
How can I monitor a model running in production?
You can easily monitor active models in your workspace. For more information, see Monitoring Active Models Across the Workspace.