Business Users and CML

A user is treated as a Business User inside of CML if they are granted the MLBusinessUser role on the Environment of the given ML Workspace. Inside of the Workspace, a Business User is able to access and view applications, but does not have privileges to access any other workloads in the Workspace.

Logging in as a Business User

When you log in as a Business User, the only page you see is the Applications page. The page shows any applications associated with any projects that you have been added to as a Collaborator, even though you do not have rights to access the other assets associated with those projects.

In order for applications to appear in your view, contact the Project Owner to add you as a Collaborator to the project. If you have not been added to any projects, or none of the projects that you have been added to have applications, the Applications page displays the message, You currently don’t have any applications.