February 8, 2024

Release notes and fixed issues for version 2.0.43-b220.

New Features / Improvements

  • AMPs - The AMPs page has been upgraded to render images, make the UI more reactive and improve the overall experience.
  • Azure - Added Azure Qatar Central as a supported region.

Fixed Issues

  • DSE-33041 - Fixed a bug in API v2 to ensure that cron jobs created via API v2 are now adding the schedule correctly and not resulting in multiple instances of jobs running at any given moment.
  • DSE-33793 - Fixed an issue in the UI to ensure that users are able to select the ‘Scala’ kernel while creating a new runtime.
  • DSE-34166 - Made a change to ensure that auto-generated CML model sample code shown in the UI is not missing a quote.
  • DSE-33082 - Upgraded the Go version to address CVEs: CVE-2023-45285 and CVE-2023-39325.
  • DSE-34080 - Upgraded the UBI base images in CDSW to address multiple CVEs.
  • DSE-33598 - Ensure that the error message about a missing workload password when JWT authorization is disabled is shown in the UI.
  • DSE-34088 - Made a change to the renderSpark UI Executor Logs.