Using Model Registry Standalone API (Technical Preview)

After the release of CML Registry General Availability (GA), the CML Registry API has been exposed through CML workspace API v2. So, a CML workspace must be present in the same CDP environment to communicate with the CML registry. In this technical preview release, a new standalone CML registry API is introduced so that you can directly communicate with the model registry using the REST client or CLI client.

The CML Registry Standalone API supports the following functionalities:

  • GET/PATCH/DELETE for the model and model version
  • GET a curated list of NGC models
  • Import external model from NVIDIA NGC or HuggingFace to CML Registry through the POST method

Currently, the CML Registry Standalone API does not support uploading the models through POST method from the local machine.

Cloud Platforms

CML Registry API is available only on AWS and Azure.