ML Runtimes Version 2021.06

Major features and updates for ML Runtimes.

Version 2021.06

New features

  • Impyla - Impyla is now preinstalled in standard Python Runtimes.

    Cloudera bug: DSE-14293

  • Runtimes support for Models - Runtimes now support running models.

    Cloudera bug: DSE-14294

  • JupyterLab shutdown_no_activity_timout configurable - JupyterLab shutdown_no_activity_timout is now configurable through environment variable.

    Cloudera bug: DSE-14817

Fixed issues

  • DSE-15191 - Fixed installation issue with thrift-sasl python package.
  • DSE-14886 - Fixed an issue preventing matplotlib installation into project.
  • DSE-14737 - Fixed warnings appearing in the log due to using JupyterLab 3.
  • DSE-15215 - Fixed an issue due to decorators that could not be used with Python 3.8 and Workbench editor.